Our Team
Jim Israel
Vice President, Fund Investments

Jim joined Ingleside Investors in 1995. Jim left in August 1998 to teach math and coach the golf team at the Brunswick School, a private day school in Greenwich, CT, and returned to Ingleside in 2006. Jim previously worked as an Equity Research Analyst at Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn, an asset management firm based in New York and was a Credit Analyst at The FirstAmerican Bank of Georgia in Atlanta.

Jim serves as a Director of Ingleside Investors and Energy Water Services. He also serves on the Phillips Academy/Andover Development Board.

Jim received a BA from Yale University in Economics and a MBA from Columbia Business School.

Tom Israel
Chairman and CEO

Barry Gray
Vice Chairman

Greg Warner

Jim Israel
Vice President, Fund Investments

Jody Phillips
Vice President, Operations

Larry Kraus
Vice President

Ona Lee
Chief Financial Officer

Ken Glennon
Manager, Accounting

Mayer Rosenzweig
Managing Director, Direct Investments

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